Brand Name

Not specified
Dosage Form

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Conditions Studied
  • Medication was protected from light
  • Procedure A: 30 days at 50 degrees C and 100% relative humidity
  • Procedure B: 30 days at 50 degrees C and 100% relative humidity followed by 5 days at 70 degrees C and 100% relative humidity
Temperature (degrees Celsius)

50, 70
Humidity (%)

Countries Studied In

Not applicable (lab experiment)
Definition of Stability
  • A standard for a degraded sample was created that contained 10% degradation products and 90% of the label.
  • This standard was used to compare to the tested product during analytical testing.
Conclusions and Length of Stability
  • Author's conclusions: This medication was resistant to degradation under the conditions studied.

MeSH entry terms
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  • Capramol
  • EAC
  • Berlin-Chemie Brand of Aminocaproic Acid
  • Berlin Chemie Brand of Aminocaproic Acid
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