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Conditions Studied

  • Eleven drugs were selected for study, and samples were taken for: 1) control pack and a 2) transported or test pack
  • Products in the test and control packs were taken from the same batch and were taken out of usual Unicef stock
  • Three sea routes, that represent regular routes for transportation of Unicef drugs (at the time of publication), were chosen:
    • Copenhagen, Denmark to Lagos, Nigeria: shipment took 51 days
    • Mombasa, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda: shipment took 52 days
    • Mombasa, Kenya to Bangkok, Thailand: shipment took 27 days

  • Temperature and humidity was auto-logged during shipment of four test packs (located in varying locations on the boat) and upon arrival test packs were shipped by air back to Sweden for analysis
  • Test packs from Bangkok were mistakenly shipped by surface mail and thus the drugs were excluded from analysis, although the climactic data was included

Temperature (degrees Celsius)
(given as a range during shipment)
  • Copenhagen to Lagos: -3.5 to 33.6
  • Mombasa to Kamapala: -2.3 to 42.4
  • Mombasa to Bangkok: 1.9 to 37.5

Humidity (%)


Countries Studied In

Denmark, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Thailand

Definition of Stability

Not specified - data presented as percentage of active ingredient compared with stated amount.

Conclusions and Length of Stability
(parentheses are 95% confidence interval)

  • Control pack: 96.4 (92.5-100.3)
  • Test pack: 96.1 (95.8-96.4)

No statistically significant difference in potency between control and test packs


Hogerzeil HV, Battersby A, Srdanovic, Stjernstrom NE. Stability of essential drugs during shipment to the tropics. British Medical Journal 1992;304:210-4. Available at:

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  • Penicillin, Aminobenzyl
  • Aminobenzyl Penicillin
  • Ampicillin Sodium
  • Sodium, Ampicillin
  • Ampicillin Trihydrate
  • Trihydrate, Ampicillin
  • Antibiotic KS-R1
  • Antibiotic KS R1
  • KS-R1, Antibiotic
  • Pentrexyl
  • Polycillin
  • Ukapen
  • Amcill
  • Omnipen
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