Project Authors:
Alex Evans, PharmD, CGP
Affiliate Faculty
University of Hawaii - Hilo College of Pharmacy

Amy Knehans, MLIS, AHIP
Clinical Outreach, Liaison & Instruction Librarian
Penn State Hershey George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Penn State College of Medicine

Description: The purpose of this project is to compile data regarding the stability of drugs in uncontrolled tropical environments into one database that is easily accessible and readily available. It is our hope that through this project we may provide clinics in the developing world with the information they need to make decisions regarding pharmaceutical inventory management, by both controlling ordering and setting beyond-use dates specific to their regions and climate control systems in place.

Search Strategy:
  • Literature was searched using PubMed from the beginning of the database to the most current search date listed below for the initial search. As the database is updated, the following terms will be used to search PubMed beginning from the last search date to the current date. MeSH was used to ensure a consistent and comprehensive search strategy. For now, non-English studies were excluded, although this will change as we recruit staff able to translate papers in languages other than English. In April 2012 these initial search terms collectively yielded 12,261 results, which were evaluated for inclusion based on relevance to the objectives of the database. Each month the search is performed again and any relevant studies will be added to the database.
    • Most recent search date: August 2014
      • "Drug Stability"[Mesh]) AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Tropical Climate"[Mesh] AND "Drug Storage"[Mesh]
      • "Environment"[Mesh] AND "Drug Stability"[Mesh]
      • "Therapeutic Equivalency"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Therapeutic Equivalency"[Mesh] AND ("humidity"[MeSH Terms] OR "humidity"[All Fields])
      • "Humidity"[Mesh] AND "Drug Stability"[Mesh]
      • "Drug stability testing"[All Fields]
      • "Drug Storage"[Mesh] AND "Humidity"[Mesh]
      • "Humidity"[Mesh] AND "Pharmaceutical Preparations"[Mesh]
      • "Antimalarials"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Tropical Climate"[Mesh] AND "Antiplatyhelmintic Agents"[Mesh]
      • "Antiparasitic Agents"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Antifungal Agents"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Tropical Climate"[Mesh] AND "Anthelmintics"[Mesh]
      • "Antiviral Agents"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Tropical Medicine"[Mesh] AND storage [All Fields]
      • "Tropical climate" AND "drug storage"
      • "Drug Stability"[Mesh] AND "Biological Availability"[Mesh]) AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Biological Availability"[Mesh] AND "Tropical Climate"[Mesh]
      • "Therapeutic Equivalency"[Mesh] AND "Humidity"[Mesh]
  • The World Health Organization's Essential Medicines and Health Products Information Portal ( was searched using the term "stability," which yielded 53 results.

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